i have not written here for the longest time. all i did was post videos.

my chemical romance
the fray

The odd one out is mika, i dont know why i like mika, i mean it is so different form my other favourites. i like my chemical romance because their songs are really meaningful, but in order to understand their songs you have to be open-minded and you have to think. you will have to feel their emotion. and that is what i love about their songs.

The Fray, their songs are also meaningful, but unlike my chem, not angry. the song 'how to save a life' has a beautiful meaning, but it is quit sad. According to lead singer and songwriter Isaac Slade, the song was composed and influenced by his experience while working as a mentor at a camp for troubled teens: "One of the kids I was paired up with was a musician. Here I was, a protected suburbanite, and he was just 17 and had all these problems. And no one could write a manual on how to save him. "

Slade claims that the song is about all of the people that tried to reach out to the boy but were unsuccessful. As Slade says in an interview, the boy's friends and family approached him by saying, "Quit [the problem behavior] or I won't talk to you again," but all he needed was some support. The verses of the song describe an attempt by an adult to confront a troubled teen. In the chorus, the singer laments that he himself was unable to save a friend because he did not know how.

How beautiful is that, i almost cried.

Eminem, his songs are really meaningful too. getting the idea that i listen to meaningful songs and not stupid songs like circle circle dot dot. he knows how to joke in his songs too and they are funny but not idiotic and spastic. i love the songs like toy soldiers, when i'm gone and mocking bird. they all made me almost cry.

I have the songs of the above bands/singers. so just listen to them. i think you should knnow who sang what.

Mika, some of my friends were shocked to find out thati like mika's songs but some of them are in fact meaningful ( the songs will be posted soon). like my interpretation or happy ending. really nice. i find him being able to go so high quite cool. most people would be " eew you mean that is a guy." or something like that. and his live is really good, he does not go off or flat. my chem (gerard way) go flat and off sometimes. and he has a female drummer.

this is probably my longest post, so i will keep going. i shall talk about good charlotte. i never actually liked good charlotte, i just loved one song and i still love it. the name of that song is ' we believe'. it is the only song that actually makes sense. the other songs like keep your hands off my girl and the anthem are just stupid. they do not have any meaning, it is just as good as barking in a song. i mean, if you want to write a song, write about something. i only said i liked good charlotte because i have never been 'obsessed' about anything before and i thought that it would be fun. and my friends could tell me things about them. so i kept saying that i 'loved' good charlotte. i feel so disappointed in myself, i actually pretended to like good charlotte, and it was not to be the same as my friend. i am not sure why i did it. but now i regret it. Now if i like a band i will show it, but if i dont i will show it. i will NOT pretned to like some music that i dont. Music plays a big part in my life, and i dont want to pretend for something that is so important to me.

long long time ago...

Hilary duff, i really dont want her name in my blog but this is part of my music history. i used to love her. i thought that she was talented. i mean she is not that bad but not great. her songs now are really weird, she is probably going to become one of those britney spears people. maybe she is already like that. i have seen some recent pictures of her, and i must say that she has lost a lot of weight. that is all i can think about for hilary duff

Avril Lavigne, i liked her after i stopped liking hilary duff. she was a bit morbid and very loud. not literally loud as in omg i need to cover my ears loud but loud as in the way she sang her songs kind of loud. i remeber printing out pictures of her and pasting them on my wall next to my bed. i was planning to cover the whole wall. but i only printed out like 6 pictures and they were stuck on the wall using blue tack. they were all coming off and torn. one night i sat on my bed and looked at the wall. i was thinking about how pathetic the wall of pictures was. then i started laughing to myself beacuase i was supposed to cover my wall. since then i have never tried to paste pictures on the wall. and only after i took the pictures off, i realised that i did not like avril lavigne anymore. The weird thing is, i did not realise i did not like her until i decided not to like her. Most things you like come automatically, and you cannot really control it. and even if you want to not like it, you still like it. i am not sure if you understand what i mean.

After the avril lavigne thing, i stopped liking one singer, i just listened to different singers which is boring so i wont talk about it.

Then sarted to like green day, the funny thing is that it was not my friends who influenced me to like green day but it was my mother liked the song wake me up when september ends, theni started to like the song, then i searched for more songs by green day. there was a website like youtube where i would search for green day videos. i would be in my grandfathers room blasting the song. those were the times when you did not need to study. all you had to do was homework.

tired of typing it is already 1:35 am. i need to go to sleep now. i will write more interesting posts like this one form now on.

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