I was on youtube, just watching stuff on MCR when i came across Gerard singing the song Umbrella by Rihanna. I realised that his singing was'nt as bad as i thought it was.

Some time ago, i thought that Gerard's voice and ability to sing has gone down a lot since the last album ( Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge ). And that the band was losing their "unique-ness". And going to be one of those bands which had a lot of potential, but letting money get to their heads, becoming mainstream, suddenly getting a lot of fans then after a while losing their fans because they became boring.

Now, i don't really think like that anymore. I listened to their 'Black Parade' album again and found that their lyrics were not as bad as i thought they were. My friend and i were talking about MCR and we talked about how MCR was now only trying to please their fans and trying to get more fans. I am not sure if that is true, but i do find the lyrics of the songs in the black parade more straight forward in a way. Have not come to a decision whether to not like the black parade anymore. What i wrote above hardly makes sense to the logical side of my brain so i dont think that you or even the logical side of me would understand what the other side of me is trying to say.

Back to Umbrella.

I think he sings better with those shouting-ish songs like the song Under Pressure that he did with his band and The Used( Bert McCraken ) For this Umbrella song i think Mikey is doing the Bass Guitar part, smart smart him(Mikey). Hopefully Gerard singing this song quite well means that he can still sing. Notice he is in the Black Parade outfit, means that this was during a Black parade tour. He is not becoming a fat blob which cant song.His voicein Three Cheers was still better anyway. The second part of this paragraph, only Stella would understand.

I dont know why Gerard sang this song at the MCR concert, not sure if he likes the song or if he is indirectly trying to sell his comic book, 'The Umbrella Academy' to his fans.

I found the video of Famous Last Words where drummer Bob Bryar got burnt, in the videos shown on MTV you couldn't see Bob getting burnt and saying "I can't take this fuckin' heat anymore" to guitarist Ray Toro. The two then they ran off of the set. Bob then lifted his pant leg to examine the burn. He was later treated in at the hotel by a doctor. Bob then developed a staph infection and was rushed to the hospital.During this time, Bob was caught trying to escape the emergency room twice, as he did not wish to cancel any of the group's performances. Due to the staph infection, Bob developed a stiffness on the left side of his face. He had to have an ice-pack on his mouth to prevent loss of brain function.


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PSLE. really over?

PSLE just finished today. I thought that after the last paper i would scream and be filled with joy, but it wasnt like that. The fact that PSLE is over hasnt really hit me yet. I know that i dont have to study anymore but the excitment of not doing anything productive has not come to me yet. It is like in the movies when someone cant believe something and pinches themselves. The horrible thing is, now it is just PSLE there are O levels, A levels and some other exams which i am not too sure about and dont intend to find out until when it is competely necessery to know about them.

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