Over before it comes

PSLE is coming really soon, in three days. As evry teacher would say " PSLE is around the corner, i hope that all of you put in effort and i really hope that all of you get the grades you want." revolting or touching. touching. Some of my friends are thinking / telling me " PSLE is almost here!! i am going to die!!" Others say " PSLE is almost over!"
And i agree that PSLE is almost over even though it hasnt really started yet. I would like to think that the PSLE phase is not only the exam but the studying, getting stressed out, crying like shit, feeling like you will never finish the "PSLE race".

People have said to me " this is the last stretch, just sprint to the finish line, maybe it wont be as difficult as you made it out to be." After hearing this, you feel really feel like trying. I sort of did feel like giving up, because i did not know if i was going to make it even if i tried my best. Doing that would save you the suffering and most of the pain if you do not get what you want. But if you did your best and made it, that would be a very happy story. Like study hard, suffer a bit then when you get what you wanted, you feel so super happy and that all you hard work had paid off. The perfect story line for a movie to be shown on the hallmark channel. Being me, i would look at the worst case possible, like you study your ass off and still dont get what you studied for. Doing that scares me into givng up.

I'm not saying that i did not put in effort, i did. I have probably studied more this year than i have my whole life. What i wrote above is what i felt when i felt really bad like at the worst point.

Saying that, i still seriously can't wait until PSLE is over.

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The recorded version of under pressure by my chemical romance and the used.

Mikey and Pete Wentz Mikey, Joel Madden and Benji Madden (the Madden Twins)

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Under Pressure

Most people have heard of the song Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen. Gerard Way and Bert McCracken sang it too, not sure why. The recorded version sounds good, but of course their voices aren't as good as David Bowie's or Freddie Mercury's. Then i listened to Gerard's and Bert's live version which isn't bad. For those who know My Chemical Romance, you may know that Gerard isn't the best singer in the world. I think that bert sings better than gerard (sometimes).

The used songs aren't bad, they sort of sound like my chem, maybe because my chem was influenced by them. If i am not wrong, the used came first then allowed my chem to tag along on their tours or something like that.

Under Pressure - The Used and My Chemical Romance
Both of them sound good in this song which is live. Everynoe form both bands are playing, whole lot of instruments. And the weird sounds that bert and gerard have to sing are so cool. When the one is singing his part, the other is singing along and pointing. Funny

Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie
The original version. Theie voices are so much better, stronger, more unique. Great song. Video is a bit weird though.

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Ok, Shayne Ward, what is with that guy. The first time i saw the video, i seriously thought ' what a joke'. i mean i see that he is trying to be like justin timberlake but does he have to make it that obvious. there can only be one justin timberlake. like there can only be one timberland, jay-z, THE FRAY ( i have never seen anyone who can slur like that, in a good and cute way. i mean it is unique, i have never heard that kind of slurry singing!!).

And the song ' if that's okay with you '. what kind of name is that!! First he wants to look and tries to sound like timberlake. Then he comes up with the name if that's okay with you.

I just watched an interview on MTV ( Shayne Ward ) And he siad that he got a really talented songwriter for the album but does

' I had a girl before we met but we broke up
Theres something 'bout you that makes me want to step up
step up and be with you
If That's Ok With You

We'll keep the neighbors awake too late too late
cos imma make you feel so good thats how i see it happening
yeah we'll keep the neighbors awake too late too late
cos baby i wanna step up and be with you
if thats okay with you'

Is that so smart and 'talented'. I dont know about you but if i were to ever like his songs without knowing it or start to like his trying-to-be-like-justin-timberlake style, i would be evry disappointed in myself. i would not say i would kill myself but i would hate myself for that.

'If That's okay with you' just played again, i am in front of the tv now, watching mtv. i just saw it twice in a 1 hour period of time. The tune is okay but it would probably suit some Disney channel star, maybe hannah montana, not sure on what kind of songs she sings but this song remainds me of her. Thinkinf about it, i think she may be much better than Shayne Ward.

* Cringing to the song right now.

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Into The Ocean.

This song is quite old, not 10 years but quite old (1yr maybe, not sure). I have heard this song a million times but i have never really watched the whole video. I was on youtube and decided to look for this song because it was stuck in my head. I watched the video and found it quite cool. It's quite unique. It is not sad but a bit weird. Don't think i will be able to explain what i mean but watch it and see what you feel about it.

Into The Ocean by Blue October

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