For the first time in a long time

I'm finally posting again. i have been trying to get a new template but it has not really worked or gone the way i wanted it to. My template now is horrible and boring, im so sick of it.
Since i have stopped posting. Nothing huge really happened, maybe except swimming PE. Which i find extremely awkward.
My finals are coming up soon but i'm not that stressed out, just a bit nervous. I dont want to be kicked out.

Amanda is nice so im blogging about her.

Today was probably one of the most boring school days of this year. Physics was probably the best, coz mrs lau did not come so we played the slap hand game which hurt so bad.
Stayed back with ger to have lunch in school coz she thought her gym buds ditched her.

At least i have horse riding next. :)

meclick @ 11:49 PM