For you esther toh.

This is where i learnt how to spit ice that far, for those of you who know what i am talking about.
Anyway esther toh, the runnig frank from spider is in this interview. i love them.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Adam and toh, learn how to spit the ice far from this video, we shall compete next time. Thats all for now.

meclick @ 9:13 AM

a bullet through a flock of doves

Today i went out with a bunch of my friends for ger's birthday. Went to town and watched a movie. Walked until my legs died. Man i cannot do this, i cant write about my day, unless something extraordinary or extremely fun happened. Anyway, i found that birthday outings dotn usually concentrate on the birthday person. I have been to a few bday outings and people usually forget that we are going out becuase it is someone's birthday. It is quite sad really. I wanted to buy the thirteen senses cd today but they did not have it where i went. they have a pretty interesting sound. Although my dad says that they are whimpy i think that their music is soft and relaxing. Nothing much to sing to. The lyrics arent great, being the lyric freak that i am, i am actually alright with just listening to his voice and the instrumental part.

I am starting to find my music life boring because after you listen to MCR and 30 seconds, i find it hard to find any other band that is as good. The sad thing is i think MCR is selling out. Some of their new songs that they have only done live are only mediocre and even more mainstream that the black parade album. I know they have to change every album, but i think you should still have your own sound. I wish they could go back to the "bullets" time, that was the best.

All the newer singers and bands are now so horrible. Take hannah montana/ miley cyrus, she was in times 100 most influential people, i mean its a huge accomplishment but seriously what is so great about her. And her parter band, Jonas brothers, they are so big now its crazy. They sound like 6 year old girls, they have lousy songs ( intruments and lyrics) and they called themselves the jonas brothers. It is so so sad.

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