Ok, Shayne Ward, what is with that guy. The first time i saw the video, i seriously thought ' what a joke'. i mean i see that he is trying to be like justin timberlake but does he have to make it that obvious. there can only be one justin timberlake. like there can only be one timberland, jay-z, THE FRAY ( i have never seen anyone who can slur like that, in a good and cute way. i mean it is unique, i have never heard that kind of slurry singing!!).

And the song ' if that's okay with you '. what kind of name is that!! First he wants to look and tries to sound like timberlake. Then he comes up with the name if that's okay with you.

I just watched an interview on MTV ( Shayne Ward ) And he siad that he got a really talented songwriter for the album but does

' I had a girl before we met but we broke up
Theres something 'bout you that makes me want to step up
step up and be with you
If That's Ok With You

We'll keep the neighbors awake too late too late
cos imma make you feel so good thats how i see it happening
yeah we'll keep the neighbors awake too late too late
cos baby i wanna step up and be with you
if thats okay with you'

Is that so smart and 'talented'. I dont know about you but if i were to ever like his songs without knowing it or start to like his trying-to-be-like-justin-timberlake style, i would be evry disappointed in myself. i would not say i would kill myself but i would hate myself for that.

'If That's okay with you' just played again, i am in front of the tv now, watching mtv. i just saw it twice in a 1 hour period of time. The tune is okay but it would probably suit some Disney channel star, maybe hannah montana, not sure on what kind of songs she sings but this song remainds me of her. Thinkinf about it, i think she may be much better than Shayne Ward.

* Cringing to the song right now.

meclick @ 2:33 AM