Under Pressure

Most people have heard of the song Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen. Gerard Way and Bert McCracken sang it too, not sure why. The recorded version sounds good, but of course their voices aren't as good as David Bowie's or Freddie Mercury's. Then i listened to Gerard's and Bert's live version which isn't bad. For those who know My Chemical Romance, you may know that Gerard isn't the best singer in the world. I think that bert sings better than gerard (sometimes).

The used songs aren't bad, they sort of sound like my chem, maybe because my chem was influenced by them. If i am not wrong, the used came first then allowed my chem to tag along on their tours or something like that.

Under Pressure - The Used and My Chemical Romance
Both of them sound good in this song which is live. Everynoe form both bands are playing, whole lot of instruments. And the weird sounds that bert and gerard have to sing are so cool. When the one is singing his part, the other is singing along and pointing. Funny

Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie
The original version. Theie voices are so much better, stronger, more unique. Great song. Video is a bit weird though.

meclick @ 8:24 AM