Casual Concert

Yesterday i had to go to casual concert with my level. It was horrible. It was more of a classical concert with an orchestra and all that. I mean being forced to sit there for more than an hour is torture, especially for people who don't appreciate that kind of music. If we were allowed to do other things while listening, i think that that would have been alright. But we were not allowed to even whisper or signal to out friends. We could not use out phones to communicate, not by sms-ing but by typing in your message and passing it on to who ever is supposed to read it.

Some of the incidents that really annoyed me... One of my friends clapped at the wrong time, and someone actually complained, i dont know what happened after that but how could you complain. Not like the public ( who were also in the same audi as us ) knew when to clap. Because as soon as she clapped the whole audi also started to clap. And someone complained!! There was also this girl who ate a lolly in the audi, yeah i know it isnt right. I think she got caught because again someone complained but i am not entirely sure of that. But from what i hear is that the woman who complained had a daughter, and during the concert, the freaking daughter was freaking eating. And she dare complain.

Why would the school make is attend these concerts?
Not like we like most of us like this kind of music. OK, maybe some of the students do, they could go alone cant they. The school could pay for the ticket and make it optional.

The school should take us to more energetic concerts where we feel like being enthusiastic and should be enthusiastic. What is the use of bringing a bunch of school kids to a classical concert when we would " make a bad impression of our school ". I mean we are hyper. We need to communicate. They should let us develop our appreciation for classical music slowly, at our own pace. Instead of forcing it down our throats, doing that will just make us rebel and block it out and never learn to like classical music.

meclick @ 6:26 AM