Casual Concert #2

OK, im still annoyed with the concert. Not the music, the people. I was just talking to a friend, then she said that she read my post ( casual concert ). She told me that some lady behind her asked her what school she was from because she was talking to her friends and was noisy. I told her that she should have just ignored the question, turn around ahd sushhh the lady. Something like " Shhh, the concert is still going on." But instead, she freaked out and told her what school she is from, well maybe i would have done that too. Then my friend said the lady tried to shut them up and asked them what school they come from before the freaking concert started. What kind of bloody shit is that. The concert had not even started and the lady was trying to shut them up. I mean she has the right to talk before the concert starts.

Why would people ask us students to shut up and ask us what school we're from or complain to the teachers?

Can they really not hear the music with the whispering? i dont think so. I think its most probably because they want to feel classy and all. So they think if they go to a classical concert they are high class people. If they pretend to appreciate classical music and telling people to shut up to show off that they came to the concert by choice, they are classy. Really that is just pathetic, pretending to appreciate classical music and showing it off to kids you think are below you, thinking " Oh i came to this CLASSICAL concert, i am so classy." What bull shit.

meclick @ 6:34 AM