Over before it comes

PSLE is coming really soon, in three days. As evry teacher would say " PSLE is around the corner, i hope that all of you put in effort and i really hope that all of you get the grades you want." revolting or touching. touching. Some of my friends are thinking / telling me " PSLE is almost here!! i am going to die!!" Others say " PSLE is almost over!"
And i agree that PSLE is almost over even though it hasnt really started yet. I would like to think that the PSLE phase is not only the exam but the studying, getting stressed out, crying like shit, feeling like you will never finish the "PSLE race".

People have said to me " this is the last stretch, just sprint to the finish line, maybe it wont be as difficult as you made it out to be." After hearing this, you feel really feel like trying. I sort of did feel like giving up, because i did not know if i was going to make it even if i tried my best. Doing that would save you the suffering and most of the pain if you do not get what you want. But if you did your best and made it, that would be a very happy story. Like study hard, suffer a bit then when you get what you wanted, you feel so super happy and that all you hard work had paid off. The perfect story line for a movie to be shown on the hallmark channel. Being me, i would look at the worst case possible, like you study your ass off and still dont get what you studied for. Doing that scares me into givng up.

I'm not saying that i did not put in effort, i did. I have probably studied more this year than i have my whole life. What i wrote above is what i felt when i felt really bad like at the worst point.

Saying that, i still seriously can't wait until PSLE is over.

meclick @ 8:18 AM