Getting what you wanted may not be a good thing.

I recieved my results for a very important exam recently and i got into the school that my family wanted me to get into. And i also wanted to get in that school but that was before i got my results. Now that i have to go to that school i just dont feel like going there anymore. I think that i have been there for too long. And many of my friends could not make it to that school. When i studied for this exam what motivated be was that my friends would be there, it wasn't a bad school and i sort of wanted to prove my parents wrong that i could actually get THOSE grades. Befored the exam my parents were already telling me about other not so good schools and how i would not be able to get into a good JC if i go there and that would mean that i would not be able to get into a good university. And that would most probably affect my career. They were trying to scare me into studying my ass off.

I feel very confused right now. Should i even be thinking this way?

meclick @ 8:02 AM