Britney Spears. We all know her, the once pop princess who was the role model of almost every little girl. Now a mother of two. i have heard everywhere that she is a bad mom, and the whole is she fit to be a mom thing. I watched some interview of her on youtube, and i quite impressed with some of the answers she gave. Like why she was driving with her small little kid on her lap in the driver's seat ( she was driving ). She said something like when she was young, her dad and herself used to do that because they were from the country. So it was natural for her to do that with her kid. I sort of understand what she means. I think all the things that she is going through now would only make her stronger (she sort of said that herself) Why else do you think she is still going out to wherever she wants ( almost ), and not staying at home, crying and never coming out. Well, some people say that she is doing these things for the attention, others say that she is crazy. I mean she is a little nuts. And usually now, i would be saying something like " i think that", "to me" or "in my opinion" to write out my feelings about whatever i am writing about but now i really have no conclusion to this. This post isn't meant to mean anything like im not telling you what i strongly feel here, i dont know what i feel about this. This matter was just on my mind.

Stronger- Kanye West. I actually like this song for the beat and the tune. Surprising.

meclick @ 10:29 AM