Long time no see.

Yeah, have not posted in a really long time. I really dont find anything to blog about these days. I am suddenly not inspired or amazed by anything. Well i have started school in January, its been alright. Kind of stressful, homework, tests... I really dont want to have the kind of blogs that talks about their day. I mean if you did something really interesting, i guess its okay.

End of year holidays.
They were kind of boring, did not go overseas because of some tragic incident. One thing that i remember the most about the hols is going to the my chemical romance concert. It was really the best concert. Not that i have been to any real concerts. So i'm proud to say that the first ever concert i went to was that. I went to the MTV asia awards when i was really young, so i did not know anyone, probably except blue and michelle branch. Not too long ago i found out that i actually saw mariah carey. I'm not a big fan but she is mariah carey. Sadly i was too young to know that. Anyway, the concert was awesome, he was actually really good, his voice wasn't bad from all the touring. The band was great too. Mikey was there. Bob wasn't though, he injured his wrists and being a drummer having hands that could grip is rather important i think.

Besides MCR, I have started to love 30 seconds to mars, lostprophets, still love eminem. Not so much mika though...
i like a few songs by MSI, stereophonics, embrace, thirteen senses. People say that they sound like Athlete, but i think TS is better. Athlete is quite over-rated.

That's about it really, oh i picked up Squash. (the sport)

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