no treats

ARR. i feel so sad, trapped and frustrated. I'm not trying to be emo or anything but that's how i have been feeling lately. i mean i am generally a pretty happy person. i have not done my hw because of the whole battle between the two sides of my rebelious brain. I need some time.. but i want to do so many things, like horse riding, guitar, squash, study, shop, movies. i really need to sit down and be bored for a bit, you know relax and do abosutely nothing. mm have not done that in a while.

School, i dont know how i have been doing, i guess my tests and exams are alright but when i do daily work, i do sooo badly. I dont understand how i actually get things correct for my tests. I have not been failing so hopefully thats a good thing and i keep it that way.

Damn, history test tmr. Did not study. Die.

meclick @ 6:24 AM